Boris Johnson boasts of ‘indestructible relationship’ with US

Boris Johnson: Biden administration a 'breath of fresh air'

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And he brushed aside a suggestion that he preferred dealing with former president Donald Trump than new White House incumbent Mr Biden. He said: “It is the job of the Prime Minister of the UK to have good relations with the President of the United States. “And we had a terrific talk just now, it went on quite a long time because we literally covered about 25 subjects in some detail.” Mr Johnson also denied objecting to the phrase “special relationship” to describe the transatlantic alliance.

He said: “I don’t mind the phrase because it is special. It encompasses a reality, which is that the UK and the US have a real congruence of views on some stuff that really matters to the world.

“And so we believe very strongly in democracy, we believe in human rights, we believe in the rules-based international order, we believe in the transatlantic alliance.

“Joe Biden believes in that absolutely passionately. And we want to uphold that. We think it’s been the guarantor of peace and security for a long time.”

Mr Johnson added: “We also happen to share objectives on tackling climate change and loads of other things.

“So it’s a relationship, you can call it the ‘deep and meaningful relationship’, whatever you want, the ‘indestructible relationship’.

“It’s a relationship that has endured for a very long time, and has been an important part of peace and prosperity in Europe and around the world.”

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