Boris in blue dress Thornberry sparks Twitter fury over rubbish attack on Liz Truss

Emily Thornberry says Liz Truss is ‘like Johnson in a blue dress’

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Shadow International Trade Secretary Emily Thornberry hit out at her former Conservative counterpart Liz Truss, saying that “The Foreign Office may end up with more of Boris Johnson but in a blue dress.” Ms Truss was promoted to Foreign Secretary in Boris Johnson’s Wednesday Cabinet reshuffle, taking over from Dominic Raab. However, Ms Thornberry’s comments have caused a Twitter storm. 

User Martin Carnell said: “Never heard such rubbish.”

Twitter user @Millicenti12345 commented: “Reuters says Truss has been a strong advocate of Britain’s economic & diplomatic realignment towards the Indo-Pacific region, spearheading efforts to join the trans-Pacific trading bloc.

“She has struck trade deals around the world, including with Japan and Australia.”

User @marobec said: “Bitter? Much?”

Stephen Belcher commented: “Same as you so give it a rest.”

User @Darrin2999 added: “As usual Thornberry talking garbage.”

And user Mark Vipond added: ” Liz Truss has overseen the signing of over 80 trade deals. Trade deals that Lady Nugee and her EUphile ilk said we’d never be capable of brokering.

“Thornberry, as ever, comes across as ill-informed and embittered.”

Speaking to Peston, the MP said: “There’s quite a lot of things that she hasn’t really delivered on, you know.

“She talks about it but actually hasn’t.

“So she has been in the job two years two months she’s yet to deliver a new deal, but different to the deals that we already have with the European Union.

“So the Department for International Trade had a bit of a reputation for just sort of cut and paste, and not actually looking at what the current needs of our country were and negotiating a specific deal.”

She continued: “I think there’s a lot of things that she doesn’t seem to really care that much about and I think particularly detail is a really important thing that she’s not that fussed about.


“So in that way she’s kind of a bit like Boris Johnson.

“And I think that the foreign office may end up with a kind of more of Boris Johnson, but in a blue dress.”

The Prime Minister sacked education secretary Gavin Williamson and shifted Dominic Raab from the Foreign Office to the Ministry of Justice.

Chancellor Rishi Sunak and the Home Secretary Priti Patel both remain in post.

Michael Gove was promoted to Secretary of State for Housing, Communities and Local Government with responsibility for enacting MR Johnson’s “levelling-up” agenda across Government.
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