‘Bit Crunchie for Angela!’ Britons mock Merkel as Cadbury moves Dairy Milk back to UK

Cadbury celebrate the Creme Egg ‘Golden Goobilee’

It follows a £15million investment at the company’s Bournville site in Birmingham. Mondelez, owner of the brand, will shift the production of 12,000 tonnes of chocolate from the continent to the UK next year.

While there will be no new jobs, the relocation of production has been hailed by Brexiteers as a boost for Brexit Britain.

Express.co.uk readers also highlighted the blow the move gives Germany – and Remainers.

One person said: “I heard a Wispa that remoaners have got their Snickers in a twist, as we have left their Club.

“Whilst I am on the Topic, their whining can be heard from Mars and across the Milky Way, they should take a break and have a Kit Kat, maybe go on a Picnic and stop trying to Fudge our democratic vote.

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“If they don’t like it, they should take a Double Decker and head off to the EU.

“This will Boost our economy.”

Another person made a similar comment and wrote: “Oh that’s going to be a bit Crunchie for Merkel to accept.

“No doubt the EU will try and Fudge some sort of deal and they’ll get Crème Egg on their faces.

“The UK should send her some Roses (maybe in a Double Decker) to give her a bit of a Boost, as this is obviously no Picnic for Germany.

“Keep it quiet (Wispa if you must), but Bournville is the home of UK chocolate.

“Anyways Timeout, have a Twirl with Freddo as you can’t sugarcoat this like Caramel. Enjoy.”

Someone else said: “I will be sure to buy a few bars this week.

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“Well done Cadburys.”

Others remarked how the quality of the chocolate suffered after it moved to the EU.

One person said: “I hope they go back to the original formula.

“Cadbury’s chocolate is awful compared to what it used to taste like.”

Another person echoed: “The taste of Cadbury changed when it was made in Germany, it became oily.

“I hope it goes back to how it tasted before it was ruined!!!”

Another reader said they hope Cadbury will “revert to making it” as it used to be made, “the English way”.

They said: “Perhaps they will then revert to making it as it used to be made, the English way, before the EU demanded they change the ingredients for their own market.”

Back in 2016, Remainers predicted a huge surge in the number of companies relocating as a result of Brexit.

More than 35,000 tonnes of Cadbury Dairy Milk is already made at the UK factory but the boost will see an additional 125 million bars now being made in Birmingham.

Louise Stigant, UK head of Mondelez, said: “At a time when manufacturing in the UK is facing significant challenges, it has never been more vital to secure the long-term competitiveness and sustainability of our business.

“This investment will continue the modernising of our production processes at Bournville and ensure we are meeting the need for a highly efficient and robust supply infrastructure for our iconic Cadbury Dairy Milk tablets.”

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