Ben Wallace admits MORE British troops may be sent to allies in Europe

Wallace says more British troops may be sent to allies in Europe

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Ben Wallace the Secretary of State for Defence sat down on LBC Radio to discuss the possibility of more British soldiers being sent to work with allied NATO forces, as tensions between the two neighbouring countries, Ukraine and Russia continue to heighten. Mr Wallace discussed some of the countries where British troops are currently stationed and explained that if the allied forces in Europe needed, more British troops would be called upon. Mr Wallace told radio host Nick Ferrari that there were sadly more hotspots around the world where British troops are needed than in previous years. the Secretary of State also spoke about the British troops stationed in Mali, telling Mr Ferrari that depending on cooperation between the French and Malian forces could affect how long British troops stay there.

Reading a message from a Father of children serving in the British army, Mr Ferrari said: “My children are in the military can you please ask the Security of State, how likely is it that there’s going to be further deployment? We are already in Estonia and in Poland, Secretary of State?”

Mr Wallace said: “Well I think that there could potentially be more deployment, we’re always ready.

“You know this world is far more connected than it has ever been.

“And we’ve obviously seen with the end of Afghanistan a withdraw of troops, so there are less troops there.

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Mr Wallace added: “We see that in Mali, where we have troops at the moment issues between the Malian Government and the French that could fundamentally undermine whether we are there in the long term.

“So, our forces do deploy to hotspots, sadly there are more hot spots around the world than there has ever been. 

“There is more of a need for Britain’s values and resilience than we can provide.

“And it is absolutely the case that you may see more forces got to our allies in Eastern Europe or Southern Europe if that is what is required.”

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UK Prime Minister Johnson has been encouraging Western countries to remain firm and strong, due to Russian President Vladimir Putin’s push for power and control over Ukraine.

Speaking at a Sky News Ukraine press conference Mr Johnson said:  “We will consider what more we can conceivably offer.

“The Ukrainians are well prepared, there are things we’ve offered that they in fact don’t seem to need because they think they have them in enough numbers already.

“It’s possible, I don’t want to rule this out, but at the moment we think the package is the right one. But I want to stress it would be an absolute disaster if it was to come to that and if there was to be serious bloodshed on Ukrainian soil.”

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Foreign Secretary Liz Truss, is currently on a visit to Moscow as she is in talks with Russia, she has advised Putin to remove his soldiers located on the Ukrainian border.

Ms Truss said: “Minister Lavrov has said to me today that Russia have no plans to invade Ukraine but we need to see those words followed up by actions.

“I can’t see any other reason for having 100,000 troops stationed on the Ukrainian border apart from to threaten Ukraine.

“If Russia is serious about diplomacy they need to move those troops and desist from the threats.”

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