BBC’s Adam Fleming warns Boris ‘loads more stuff’ to come out as No.10 leaks pile up

Boris Johnson warned 'more to come' amid leaks by Fleming

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BBC Political Correspondent Adam Fleming has warned more allegations could emerge from Dominic Cummings, the Brexit mastermind and former aide of Boris Johnson, in regards to allegations on the Prime Minister’s handling of the pandemic, the redecoration of Downing Street redecoration and lobbying. Mr Fleming told BBC Breakfast “there could be loads more stuff on loads more things” as Dominic Cummings is set to appear before an inquiry next month. The BBC correspondent’s comments come as Simon Case, the cabinet secretary and one of the most important civil service figures in the Government, will appear before MPs to discuss a leak into how details of a second lockdown were leaked to the press.

Talking about the allegations against the Downing Street apartment renovations, Mr Fleming said: “The Government said on Friday that he paid for the renovations himself but ministers are not saying if that money came from a Conservative donor and if it did, either in the form of a loan or a donation, then the prime minister would have to declare that so it was transparent.

“He has not declared anything along those lines yet.”

The BBC correspondent went on: “Then there is also the issue the government has now confirmed they were looking at the idea of setting up a charity or a charitable trust to oversee renovations in general over Downing Street.

“So there are questions from Boris Johnson’s opponents about whether that was an attempt to avoid all this transparency that they would have to submit themselves to.”

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Simon Case will answer questions in Parliament infront of the Commons Public Administration and Constitutional Affairs Committee (PACAC) later on Monday in regards to the “chatty rat” leak which saw details of a second lockdown leaked to the newspapers with many suspecting Dominic Cummings being behind the leak.

Mr Fleming added: “Lots of the roads of the stories we have been talking about in the last few weeks lead to him or through him, whether it is the Government’s handling of coronavirus, lobbying… WhatsApp’s between ministers… there is a huge, huge amount to ask him.”

The BBC’s Political Correspondent added that “it basically seems (Cummings) has gone to war with the Prime Minister” and “is prepared to publish all sorts of emails and notes of conversations that he had when he worked in Downing Street.

“So there could be loads more stuff on loads more things as a result.”

Boris Johnson slammed by Campbell after Cummings’ comments

On Saturday, Tony Blair’s former spin doctor Alastair Cambell let off an explosive rant at Mr Johnson on LBC as huge allegations against the Prime Minister emerged from former aide Dominic Cummings.

Mr Campbell said: “What you’ve got is a guy who a few weeks ago… when he did his little Barnard Castle trip, Johnson used how much political capital with his pathetic little cut-and-paste text saying ‘he’s a family man, he’s done the right thing, let’s move on.’

“That guy (Cummings) is now saying Johnson is a liar and Johnson is essentially broken the law.”

He added: “This is what happens when you elect a Prime Minister without a moral compass…. I hope it ends with a Labour government getting rid of these sleaze bags and getting this cesspit cleared out! And by the way, they’re now saying Johnson has paid for this, well show us the proof because I don’t believe them!”


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Prime Minister Johnson has come under huge pressure over the last few days after he accused former aide Dominic Cummings of leaking text messages between the PM and British business owner James Dyson from March last year.

The texts were in relation to a ventilator deal Boris Johnson was trying to secure as the country was engulfed by a shortage of breathing equipment at the height of the pandemic.

Within the texts, James Dyson requested a change to the tax system which would see workers returning to the UK be penalised by the tax system – Johnson changed the system to avoid this happening.

But Mr Cummings categorically denied he had anything to do with the leak of the messages in a blog post to his website but went on to fire back a separate allegation that Mr Johnson wanted Tory donors to “secretly pay for the renovation” of his Number 10 Downing Street flat.

Number 10 furiously denied the allegations, saying: “This is just another lie.”

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