Ashworth unleashes fury at Boris for NHS wait times – but ignores Labour failure in Wales

GB News: Nigel Farage discusses ‘danger’ of NHS waiting list

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The Shadow Health Secretary said the Prime Minister should be “ashamed” there are 5.5 million people in England awaiting hospital treatment. He said years of underfunding of the health service was responsible for the surge in Britons unable to get help.

The Labour MP said: “Boris Johnson should be ashamed that the NHS waiting list has spiralled to 5.5 million people on his watch.

“That’s a record-breaking number of people, many waiting in pain and discomfort,”

Mr Ashworth continued: “Years of underfunding and health care cuts has left patients waiting longer in pain and distress for treatment.

“Ministers must deliver a credible rescue plan for our NHS to bring down waiting times, tackle health inequalities and provide the care patients deserve now.”

The Shadow Health Secretary made no mention of the pandemic when criticising the surge in waiting lists times.

The spread of coronavirus since March 2020 led to a number of routine appointments and operations being cancelled as doctors and nurses were forced to focus resources on treating those suffering from the virus.

In January there were almost 35,000 Covid patients taking up hospital beds across England, with NHS trusts close to being overwhelmed.

Mr Ashworth added: “The last Labour government brought waiting lists down to records lows with a credible plan underpinned by investment, staffing, leadership and focus.

“Instead today we the NHS and care service struggling after years of underfunding and cuts.

“Enough is enough.”

His claim that Labour would do a better job comes despite Wales also seeing record waiting times.

Under the Labour-run Welsh government, the number of people on waiting lists for non-urgent hospital treatment in Wales was 624,909 in June.

The surge is a 41 percent rise in the size of the waiting list in the early days of the pandemic.

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Over a third of this waiting for treatment in Wales have been on the list for over nine months.

Mr Ashworth’s attack on Mr Johnson’s government was torn apart by Britons on social media.

One person said: “I’m normally up for some Johnson bashing but being really fair, there’s been a pandemic you know.

“My wife is a consultant and had her surgical lists decimated in the last year. These consequences are entirely understandable.”

Another added: “That’s what happens when the NHS closes down for nearly a year.”

A third said: “What did you expect to happen when you close a large part of the NHS for weeks at a time?”

Meanwhile, a fourth person exclaimed: “It’s probably coz of Covid! But you already knew that!”

The Department of Health has been contacted for comment.

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