Arise, Sir Jacob! Rees-Mogg included as Boris Johnson honours list released

Jacob Rees-Mogg has been included in Boris Johnson’s resignation honours list, which was released in full this evening.

The former Brexit minister was awarded the honour for political and public service.

Conservative MPs Michael Fabricant and Conor Burns also recieved knighthoods, while Andrea Jenkyns and Priti Patel received Damehoods.

Rishi Sunak is thought to have moved to prevent a by-election crisis by blocking two out of four nominations Mr Johnson had submitted to elevate Tory MP allies to the House of Lords.

Alok Sharma – the former COP26 President – and Nadine Dorries – the ex-Culture Secretary in Boris Johnson’s government were nowhere to be seen on the honours list.

In a shock decision this afternoon, Ms Dorries announced she would be stepping down as an MP with “immediate effect”.

She told Talk TV that “something significant did happen” to change her mind, after just hours earlier saying she did not want to trigger a by-election.

She said: “I can’t reveal everything. Something significant did happen to change my mind.

“I’m not going to go blabbing about what happened. I need to process things. Something did do and I think it’s for the best.”

Ms Dorries denied Mr Sunak had blocked her appointment to the House of Lords.

She won a 24,664 strong majority in 2019 in Mid Bedfordshire but with Labour so far ahead in the polls, any by-election will be a test for Mr Sunak’s Government.


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