Saudi-led coalition rejects south Yemen self-rule declaration

Military coalition calls for an end to escalation in Yemen and immediate return to peace deal signed in November. A Saudi Arabia-led military coalition has rejected a separatist group’s declaration of self-rule in Yemen’s south, demanding “an end to escalatory

Democrats urge paycheck scheme coverage for community, minority lenders

(Reuters) – Top Democrats have urged the U.S. Treasury Department and the Small Business Administration (SBA) to expand opportunities for community development financial institutions (CDFIs) and minority depository institutions (MDIs) in the Paycheck Protection Program funding. The call from the

Mexico coronavirus infections rise to 14,677 cases and 1,351 deaths

MEXICO CITY (Reuters) – Mexico’s health ministry on Sunday reported 835 new confirmed cases of coronavirus infections and 46 additional fatalities, bringing the total in the country to 14,677 cases and 1,351 deaths. The government has said the real number

The ‘social bubble’ approach to lockdown easing

Drastically limiting people’s contact with others seems to be helping many countries stem the spread of the coronavirus. But as economies slump and mental health frays, governments are realising that getting out of the lockdown is going to be even

Chile to introduce controversial ‘virus-free’ ID

Chile’s government says it will go ahead with a controversial plan to issue certificates to people who have recovered from Covid-19. The documents would be given to people to allow them to return to work, Deputy Health Minister Paula Daza