Singapore GE: PM Lee calls for general election, says he decided to 'clear the decks', give new government fresh mandate

SINGAPORE – Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong on Tuesday (June 23) said he has decided to call the general election now, while the Covid-19 situation is relatively stable, to “clear the decks” and give the new government a fresh five-year

Colorado Gov. Polis signs lean state budget

Colorado Gov. Jared Polis signed a $30 billion budget Monday — later and far tighter than usual because of the coronavirus pandemic. The budget takes effect July 1 and dictates state spending through the end of next June. It calls

George Floyd death: House of Lords boss Edward Ollard forced to apologise for ‘misjudged’ comments

The head of the House of Lords has been forced to apologise for comments about the killing of George Floyd, admitting they were a “misjudgement”.  Edward Ollard, clerk of the parliaments, said his initial response to the unarmed black man being choked

Iowa governor pledges to restore voting rights to some felons

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – Iowa Governor Kim Reynolds has committed to restoring voting rights to those with past felony convictions, according to a Radio Iowa report, potentially expanding the electorate in a state that could be competitive in the Nov. 3