Companies Flock to Biden’s Climate Tax Breaks, Driving Up Cost

President Biden’s signature climate law appears to be encouraging more investment in American manufacturing than initially expected, powering what’s expected to be a surge in new factory jobs and domestic clean energy technologies, according to independent forecasters. If the boom

After Pandemic Rebound, U.S. Manufacturing Droops

The pandemic had a bright silver lining for Elkhart, Ind. The city, renowned as the capital of recreational vehicle production, had a surge in demand as cooped-up families took to the highways and avoided hotels. The cluster of manufacturers enjoyed

China manufacturing unexpectedly cools in April – official PMI

BEIJING (Reuters) -China’s manufacturing activity unexpectedly shrank in April, official data showed on Sunday, raising pressure on policymakers seeking to boost an economy struggling for a post-COVID lift-off amid subdued global demand and persistent property weakness.FILE PHOTO: A worker wearing

Worried About a Recession? Patient Investors Can Ride It Out.

So many people expect a recession soon that it will almost be surprising if a downturn doesn’t happen. After all, the Federal Reserve has been raising interest rate increases for more than a year to tame inflation. Credit conditions have

First Republic Bank Lost $102 Billion in Customer Deposits

First Republic Bank, the most imperiled U.S. lender after last month’s banking crisis, on Monday disclosed the grisly details of just how troubled its business has become — and not much else. In the bank’s highly anticipated first update to