YouTube ranks New Zealand’s top 10 ads of 2020

Alphabet-owned YouTube has released its ranking of the 10 ads most popular with New Zealanders in 2020. The list showcases creative work of some of the nation’s big internationally-owned ad agencies but also features a number of spots from some

Tokyo apartment prices rise to near bubble-era high in 2020

TOKYO (REUTERS) – Prices of newly-built apartments in the Tokyo area rose 1.7 per cent last year, approaching the record highs seen during Japan’s asset-inflated bubble era that ended in the early 1990s, the country’s Real Estate Economic Institute said.

The Knot Worldwide Aims to Support Underrepresented Businesses

In an effort to bolster underrepresented, wedding-related businesses, the Knot Worldwide is launching a fellowship program and marketplace diversity filters. Twenty-nine percent of Black-owned small businesses and only 50 percent of Latinx-owned small businesses that apply for business loans from

United Airlines might require its employees to take the vaccine.

By Niraj Chokshi The chief executive of United Airlines told the company’s employees this week that the carrier — and other businesses — could make the coronavirus vaccine mandatory for all workers. “The worst thing that I believe I will