Southwest CEO: Steps taken at DIA to avoid last years meltdown

Southwest Airlines CEO Bob Jordan says he is taking precautions months before winter storms blow through Denver International Airport to avoid repeating last year’s holiday meltdown. “That can’t happen again,” he said in a Wednesday interview. “But it’s made us

Colorado contractor Skyyguard wins dispute against Skyy vodka

After more than four years of fighting international beverage company Campari Group in a trademark dispute, Chase Baron and Sean Smith of Denver-based roofing contractor Skyyguard won their legal battle this week. The David and Goliath battle over their company’s

China’s Biggest Homebuilder Reels as Economy Slows

When Country Garden, the biggest developer in China’s increasingly troubled real estate sector, published its annual report in April, the cover design exuded hope: a phoenix spreading its wings. The company said the image showed that China’s economy was “back

Auto Strike Looms, Threatening to Shut Detroit’s Big 3

The United Auto Workers union and the three Detroit automakers have less than two weeks to negotiate a new labor contract, and a strike of some sort seems increasingly likely. The union’s president, Shawn Fain, has primed rank-and-file members to

U.S. Does Not Want to ‘Decouple’ From China, Commerce Chief Says

High-ranking United States and Chinese officials held a series of economic policy meetings on Tuesday in Beijing, in the latest sign that both countries are trying to stop the long deterioration in their relationship and restore communications. Gina Raimondo, the

Kansas Newspaper Is Talk of Town, and Not Just for Getting Raided

One person said The Marion County Record covered two recent deaths insensitively. Another said a handful of articles focused needlessly on a simple paperwork error that led to tax credits getting rejected. A third thought an opinion column harped too