Opinion | Life in ‘Anarchist’ New York City

Right after I learned that the Department of Justice this week designated New York City an “anarchist jurisdiction,” alongside Portland, Ore., and Seattle, I took a walk around my Brooklyn neighborhood with freshly fearful eyes. There was an older man

Opinion | China Has a New Plan to Tame Tibet

Before Xinjiang, there was Tibet. Repressive policies tested there between 2012 and 2016 were then applied to the Uighurs and other ethnic minorities in northwestern China: entire cities covered in surveillance cameras, ubiquitous neighborhood police stations, residents made to report

Your Wednesday Briefing

U.S.-China tensions, the United Nations, whales in Tasmania: Here’s what you need to know. By Melina Delkic Good morning. We’re covering the latest measures to fight the virus in the Philippines, global worries about spiraling U.S.-China relations and the prisoners

Your Monday Briefing

Ruth Bader Ginsburg, WeChat, Thai protests: Here’s what you need to know. By Carole Landry Good morning. We’re covering a new elections battle in the U.S. after the death of Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, online harassment from virus tracking in

Opinion | Will the Election Turn on R.B.G.?

WASHINGTON — I used to feel pretty optimistic that the country would get through the Trump years intact. In 2016, America got mad — and went mad. This administration has unleashed so many fresh hells that a portrait of the