Wednesday Briefing: Ukraine’s Next Move

Ukraine confronts a second Russian defense line Ukrainian forces are battling to break through a Russian defense line in the south near the village of Verbove, military analysts said. The push comes a week after Ukrainian forces said they had

Opinion | Anxiety in the Age of Barbie

By Maureen Dowd Opinion Columnist It was “the summer of girl power,” a tour de force by a glittering troika. With pink dream houses, songs and sequins, Barbie, Taylor Swift and Beyoncé buoyed the economy and sent women’s confidence soaring.

Opinion | Does Therapy Culture Help or Hurt Us?

More from our inbox: To the Editor: Re “Hey, America, Grow Up!” by David Brooks (column, Aug. 11), about how an emphasis on trauma makes adults immature: As a psychiatrist, I feel that Mr. Brooks makes several valid points regarding

Opinion | Climate Is Now a Culture War Issue

By Paul Krugman Opinion Columnist Understanding climate denial used to seem easy: It was all about greed. Delve into the background of a researcher challenging the scientific consensus, a think tank trying to block climate action or a politician pronouncing

Opinion | How to Save American Theater

To the Editor: Re “American Theater Is Imploding Before Our Eyes,” by Isaac Butler (Opinion guest essay,, July 19): One of the main reasons that nonprofit theaters are closing is the increasingly political nature of the plays they are