Tracey Woodward Joins Modern Botany as Director of Strategy, Innovation

LONDON — Tracey Woodward, former chief executive officer of Aromatherapy Associates, is joining Modern Botany, the British wellness and body-care brand that focuses on plant-based, clean ingredients, ethical sourcing and farming.

Her title will be director of strategy and innovation, and she’ll be working alongside Modern Botany’s cofounders Dr. Simon Jackson and John Murray, previously of Dr. Jackson’s Natural Products.

Woodward’s career in beauty spans more than 30 years: She started out on beauty counters and moved into management roles at Estée Lauder, Aveda and Aromatherapy Associates. She has also sat on the executive board of CEW (U.K.) for nearly a decade.

She began working as a consultant for Modern Botany, and said she’s taking up a permanent role because of the ethos of the brand, which offers essential oils for face and body, deodorant and fragrance diffusers for the home.

“Modern Botany’s purpose is science, sustainability and self-care. It has been a joy to work on the new product development and to build a strategy with meaning,” said Woodward, who has been working on expansion and strategic plans for the brand in 2021.

Jackson is a doctor of pharmacognosy, the study of medicines derived from plants. He has spent his career doing academic research and studying tribal communities, shamans and healers around the world, looking at how different cultures use plants.

“Tracey joined us in developing a new strategy for our business earlier this year and we just knew from the get-go that she just got it,” Jackson said.

Murray, the brand’s sustainability director, said the business “will always be influenced by environmental and eco matters such as waste control; greener energy use, and growing our own natural materials using regenerative farming methods.”

He added that maintaining an ethical supply chain and investing in social enterprise initiatives “that empower, support and inspire others to love the planet” were among the other priorities.

Going forward, Modern Botany said it wants to focus in particular on soil, which it describes as “the source of life. It is also the source of all the ingredients that we put in our products; a healthy soil is a must for a Modern Botany product. Our four brand pillars are centered around soil, because we believe that everything comes back to the earth.”

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