Pandora Celebrates 20 years of Collecting

Pandora is marking 20 years of the Pandora Moments charm bracelet by looking back at a rich history of innovative craftsmanship, meaningful design, and a legacy for inspiring self-expression.

Founded in a deep understanding of the power of craftsmanship, attention to design has always been at the center of Pandora’s commitment to exceptional quality. And as the brand has grown, it has developed its own way of evolving, progressing, and ensuring that quality remains at the core of every hand-finished piece.

“For us, creativity goes hand in hand with craftsmanship, it is the melding of skills and passion that drive the introduction of new techniques, materials, textures, colors, and playful elements that can continue to surprise our consumers,” Francesco Terzo and A. Filippo Ficarelli, VP Creative Directors, Pandora told WWD. “It is our shared objective to allow our consumers to discover new techniques as well as rediscover older techniques, like enamel.”

For its anniversary, Ficarelli and Terzo have reimagined the techniques of the Moments bracelet with the iconic snake pattern.

The pattern was an element that the team said was exceptionally inspiring to work with noting it is a quintessential part of Pandora’s DNA. To modernize the design, the T-Bar Bracelet and Magnetic Clasp Snake Chain Bracelets were created, applying the pattern of the snake chain on the closures. A seemingly subtle change, the innovation illustrates a true intention for purposeful craftsmanship beyond design and serves to guide the hand in the closing of the bracelet with the magnetic clasp. The new bracelet design launches on November 23.

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And this attention to detail carries over to the design of Pandora’s charms as well, finding a balance between physical attributes and sentiment – even before a charm takes on meaning in the consumers’ journey of storytelling. With every piece, Terzo and Ficarelli said, there is always a human element.

“The popularity of charms originates from an increasing desire to tell a story, to express oneself, to communicate, to connect, and to create,” said Ficarelli. “This is more relevant today than ever. What people want to say, culture, and how we relate to one another is also evolving. The relationship with a mother, the sports we now play, the values we hold dear, and the symbols that represent them.”

Notably, a focus on Pandora’s community is present throughout the Moments 20-year celebration collection, which recognizes the significance that charms have carried as a canvas for expression and collecting. In fact, Terzo and Ficarelli said the collection was created to honor Pandora’s history of collecting while modernizing it for today’s wearer.

Comprised of twelve limited edition charms, the modern collection is based on Pandora’s most beloved charms from the brand’s archives of favorites and bestsellers in the community – a nod to the brand’s loyal consumers who have evolved with them and the stories they have told.

Pandora sustainability goals. Courtesy Image.

“The Moments universe has the same alchemic power as the talismans, amulets, and symbols that since the beginning of our human history inspired people to wear jewelry,” said Ficarelli. “It is full of possibilities and creates freedom of expression. This is how we define modern jewelry today. Self-expression and the idea to create and build.”

The power of Pandora’s Moments charm bracelet, Terzo and Ficarelli said, is that every charm has the potential to represent many different things depending on the individual who wears it.

“The stories of our consumers are what made us, and now we want to give back by bringing these vintage designs, for people to create new stories,” said Terzo. “Each charm is a little time capsule that has the power to represent a feeling, a special moment, a cherished person, or a dear memory. They can be profoundly meaningful to the wearer, especially when the consumer imbues it with their own meaning. That is what has ensured Pandora’s charm and bracelet concepts longevity and popularity over the last two decades.”

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