Gap Celebrates Modern American Optimism With New Campaign

Gearing up for a very different holiday season, campaigns also stand to take on new challenges this year. According to Mary Alderete, global head of Gap Inc. marketing, and Len Peltier, Gap’s vice president, global creative director, for Gap it meant “a pivot to leading with the brand’s purpose and values and the insight that when the Fishers started Gap in 1969, they wanted to be a force for good.”

Following Gap’s “Be the Future” and “Stand United” campaigns this fall, the company will introduce its “Dream the Future” campaign for the holiday season.

Through its purpose-driven strategy, Gap has reflected upon the current environment and hopes to “invite everyone to dream toward a brighter future together, connected in joy, peace, empathy and love.” Like its predecessors, the “Dream the Future” campaign celebrates togetherness and the brand’s platform of modern American optimism.

“As we approach the end of a challenging year, we recognize that our country is fatigued and longing for a sense of unity,” says Alderete. “We must continue to look forward and promise to create a better future together. We’re optimistic that we can celebrate, not just our differences, but our common humanity.”

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“We’ve [had] been shooting during COVID-19 for quite a while now and we’ve been successful in developing these ideas and like how people can be celebratory and joyful and communicate within the context of COVID-19 as well,” said Peltier. “And we had this idea of communication through movement. We love the joy of movement and since movement and dance and music. The idea of what the gift is, is the idea of the future and what you have learned during COVID-19. Certainly, connection is a huge one.”

The campaign launch will also kick off a dance challenge on social media where Gap will engage its community and encourage coming “together during one of the most difficult years we’ve faced in recent history.” On Giving Tuesday, the company will donate up to $50,000 to Boys & Girls Clubs of American for every dance challenge video. Details of the challenge will be announced in November.

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