Afterpay Expands Pulse Rewards Loyalty Program

The buy now, pay later provider Afterpay has expanded its Pulse Rewards loyalty program to all of its customers, which offers members exclusive offers from retailers and brands as well as new benefits for shoppers making on-time payments.

“Under the new Pulse Rewards, Afterpay customers unlock benefits through a points system that makes the experience more inclusive, rewarding and fun,” the company said in a statement today. “Additionally, a newly designed Pulse Rewards dashboard within the app helps customers track their payment stats, and allows them to choose when, where and how to use their rewards.”

Afterpay, which differentiates itself from traditional credit platforms by rewarding “responsible spending,” said its app also encourages financial wellness.

Zahir Khoja, general manager for Afterpay North America, said the Pulse Rewards program “is a stark contrast to the reward programs offered by credit card companies, which encourage and reward excessive spending. Our model promotes financial wellness, which reflects a growing generation of consumers who prefer to spend responsibly and avoid revolving debt and interest.”

With the expanded loyalty program, Afterpay said, starting today, that “customers can join the program free of charge in the app and immediately earn points to unlock rewards.” The program recognizes and includes prior Afterpay activity, rewarding users for past on-time payments.

The program also has a gamification aspect where each on-time payment earns users 10 points. “The more points earned, the more customers can access higher tiers and more rewards,” Afterpay said, adding that members can also earn extra points “in new ways like shopping in-store, supporting sustainable brands, supporting small businesses and shopping during yearly seasonal moments such as Black Friday and Afterpay Day.”

Other rewards include gift cards offered from merchants and brands, and exclusive offers and promotions “from top merchants, which at launch include Steve Madden, Nars, Tatcha, Vince and Rebecca Taylor,” the company said.

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