Stabbed dolls, dead birds found in disturbing scene at small-town U.S. park

Warning: Details and photos featured in this story may be disturbing to some. Reader discretion is advised.

Stabbed dolls, dead birds and other disturbing objects have been found on a picnic table at a park in West Virginia, prompting an investigation by local authorities.

Photos of the scene were shared to Facebook on Friday by White Sulphur Springs resident Justin Via, who was fishing in the area when he stumbled upon it.

What appears to be fruit, candlesticks and salt are littered across the picnic table. Dead birds, blood and stabbed dolls can also be seen in some of the photos, as well as a clock with “333” written in blood on it.

One photo shows a star, seemingly made out of sticks, surrounded by a ring of salt laid out on the ground with a beheaded, bloody doll placed beside it.

Via made the discovery on April 17 in the early morning. He said he’d been in the Blue Bend area until 8:30 p.m. the day prior and didn’t notice anything.

“Now I am not against any religious ceremony/gathering or anyone’s beliefs, however this goes beyond personal beliefs and ceremonies,” the post reads.

“This is on state property as well as a very public place where children and others can/are being affected.”

Many in the comments seem to believe this was a product of kids’ boredom.

“This is all fake bulls—t by stupid a— children,” one Facebook user wrote.

“I think it’s just kids because of all the dolls,” another said. “If I were going to do something like this, I would have made spell dolls and not used Barbies.”

One person commented: “This looks staged. Someone needs attention.”

Sgt. Andy Lyons of the West Virginia DNR told WVVA-TV crimes being investigated appear to be environmental and related to animal cruelty, given that dead birds were found at the site.

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