Opinion | Fed Up With Those Who Won’t Get Vaccinated

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To the Editor:

Re “I’m Furious at the Unvaccinated,” by Charles M. Blow (column, nytimes.com, Dec. 8):

Mr. Blow eloquently voiced my sentiment regarding the unvaccinated. It’s difficult to fathom how all these people, many of whom vaccinate their children for mild and practically eradicated diseases, choose to be anti-vax now? I share Mr. Blow’s fury.

I am angry on behalf of the more than 5.3 million dead worldwide and the 1,200-plus we lose in the United States daily. I am furious on behalf of my young students, some of whom have been too ill to speak and others who have lost parents and dear ones. I mourn for my devastated community, hard-working, essential workers who never had the luxury of staying home.

So much of this catastrophe could have been prevented were it not for my compatriots exercising their misguided idea of personal freedom to the detriment of all. Because of their folly, we, the richest nation of all, are No. 1 in terms of lives lost. Thank you, Mr. Blow, for giving voice to my rage and sorrow.

Karín Flores Reininger
Woodstock, N.Y.
The writer is an elementary school dual-language teacher.

To the Editor:

I loved Charles M. Blow’s opinion piece on his frustrations with the unvaccinated; he expressed my sentiments exactly. Like him, I’ve heard all of the arguments from the vaccine naysayers and I’m fed up. The only way out of this mess of successive variants that we face is for folks to get vaccinated — enough of the plethora of excuses and baseless arguments.

Though I live in a region of Canada where people trust science, vaccination rates are high (over 90 percent) and positive cases are very low, we still live with the threat of new variants that inevitably find their way everywhere and threaten us all.

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