Opinion | Do the Claims Against Cuomo Warrant Removal?

To the Editor:

Re “Democratic Lawmakers Initiate Inquiry Into Impeaching Cuomo” (front page, March 12):

For four years we had a president who had paid off former mistresses and reportedly assaulted or harassed many other women. We have Supreme Court justices accused of sexual misdeeds.

I’m old, which doesn’t make me tolerant of abuse of women, whether in the home or the workplace, far from it. But women my age distinguished — and I still do — between the Trumps, Kavanaughs, Weinsteins, Cosbys and the millions of males flirting or leering, making suggestive or provocative remarks. The remarks could be laughed off. Yes, and even the occasional pat or kiss at a party. Not the assault in the bedroom, nor the casting couches.

Until someone proves that Gov. Andrew Cuomo actually assaulted a woman or made sex the price of a hire, I see the cries for impeachment or resignation as ridiculous. He guided New York through the worst of the pandemic, a reliable captain through stormy seas. I want him still at the helm.

As a woman I laughed off many provocative remarks in my career. This is way overblown, but must delight the real abusers like our former president.

Emita Hill
New Rochelle, N.Y.
The writer is former vice president of Lehman College, CUNY.

To the Editor:

There is no doubt that Gov. Andrew Cuomo is a proud man. But the handwriting is on the wall, as the pressure mounts for him to resign. Yet, there is still time for Mr. Cuomo to leave office with an ounce of dignity, and gracefully resign for the good of New York. Leaving on his own terms would be better than going through an impeachment trial, only to be convicted and forced out. It is time for Mr. Cuomo to swallow the bitter pill.

JoAnn Lee Frank
Clearwater, Fla.

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