Opinion | ‘After 15 Months, a Milestone’: The C.D.C.’s New Guidance on Masks

Readers express both relief and concerns.

To the Editor:

Re “Fully Vaccinated Can Shed Masks, C.D.C. Says” (front page, May 14):

After 15 months, a milestone has been reached. Those of us who have been fully vaccinated are now getting our just reward and can bare our faces in public. Imagine, mask-free. No doubt, it will feel a little bit strange. But rest assured, we will quickly get the hang of it.

Although my hunch is that some who are not vaccinated will follow suit. And I doubt if anyone will be checking. Nevertheless, this is a day for celebration and the best medicine for our emotional well-being. The sun is shining a little bit brighter here in Florida. Looks like we made it.

JoAnn Lee Frank
Clearwater, Fla.

To the Editor:

The new C.D.C. Covid-19 guidelines are a distraction from what is needed to end the Covid-19 nightmare: legislation requiring universal vaccinations before it is too late.

Covid-19 continues to be a public health crisis. Everyone must sacrifice personal preference for the public good. There is no evidence that incentivizing people to get vaccinated by shaming them or lotteries or making them jealous of the new freedoms of vaccinated people will work to bring us any closer to defeating Covid-19.

The federal government needs to mandate vaccinations before vaccine-resistant variants cause a new surge and more suffering and death.

Steven Sorscher
Winston-Salem, N.C.
The writer is a professor of medicine at the Wake Forest University School of Medicine.

To the Editor:

The new C.D.C. guidance failed to address the plight of millions of fully vaccinated organ transplant recipients (like me) and other immunocompromised individuals. Per recent published studies by Johns Hopkins University, a large percentage of organ transplant recipients have developed very low or no immunity after the Covid-19 vaccine. The C.D.C. and the media have largely ignored this issue and left affected individuals uninformed while assuming they’re protected.

Barry Gandelman
Livingston, N.J.

To the Editor:

Although I am two months past my second Pfizer vaccine shot, who’s to say that half the people I encounter in a public venue are unvaccinated but more than willing to say they are in order to enter without a mask?

The new C.D.C. guidelines do not take into account public spaces where perhaps a majority of people have refused to be vaccinated. These people can spread variants. It’s hard for me to believe that not wearing a mask under these circumstances is in my best interest.

Lois Berkowitz
Oro Valley, Ariz.

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