Bearded male weightlifter smashes women’s record

Avi Silverberg breaks the Alberta women’s bench press record In the clip, Avi can be seen wearing a regular men’s singlet and bench-pressing nearly 167kg, beating the current Alberta women’s record by almost 45kg. The previous record was held by

Baby and grandmother killed in shelling of Avdiivka

A 5-month old baby and his grandmother have been killed by shelling in Avdiivka just a day after Ukrainian police urged the infant’s mother to evacuate. A family of four had been living in a “new house” in the town

SNP chief sparks outrage with scandalous new independence role

Douglas Ross slams Humza Yousaf's record whilst in office The Scottish Tories have written to the country’s top civil servant to protest over the appointment of a minister for independence. Humza Yousaf pledged to create the role during the race to replace

Agency Apologizes After Jan. 6 Panel Upload Exposes Personal Data

WASHINGTON — About 1,900 people whose names were in White House visitor logs from the end of Donald J. Trump’s presidency recently received letters alerting them that their Social Security numbers had been mistakenly posted online in January during an

Ukraine hunts for Putins Butchers of Bucha

Ukraine: President Zelensky visits Bucha in April A year ago, shocking evidence of Russia’s war crimes was discovered in Bucha, a city just outside the Ukrainian capital Kyiv. More than 450 bodies were found, with Ukraine reporting evidence that many