Wisdom: Dating to Impress in Fort Collins


Dating to Impress: Destinations in Fort Collins

1. The Melting Pot

Skippy says: Dipping things into melted cheese and chocolate? No innuendo there at all.  Full disclosure – I’ve never been here before but now that I know there is a private booth with a curtain I man have to pay a visit.  Wanna come?  Get it?  Oh my . . .

Robyn says: This is the perfect place to take your date to get them in the mood. There is a private booth in the back with a curtain. Nothing is sexier than dipping strawberries in melted chocolate and feeding them to one another.

2. Jay’s Bistro

Robyn says: Another swanky choice. The menu is phenomenal, the music is jazzy, the lighting is soft, the cocktails are strong. This place is pricey but worth it, make a reservation and be ready to dazzle your date.

Skippy says:  Very swanky.  Very expensive.  Very jazzy.  Don’t talk while the live musicians are performing.  Use that time for holding hands and grooving to the tunes.

3. Ace Gillett’s

Skippy says:  Ace Gillett’s is underground and classy.  A delicious combination.  I hate putting on long pants but Ace Gillett’s is worth it.  Girls, if a guy takes you here and picks up the tab then you can figure he’s gonna keep you around for at least a month.

Robyn says: Rounding out the swanky trio and our top three on this list, Ace Gillett’s has some of the best tapas in Fort Collins. Say hi to master mixologist Ray, and get ready to die and go to cocktail heaven. They have live jazz late at night so, if you want to talk to your date go earlier. If you just want to gaze into each others eyes, drink and then run home to have sex, go late.


4. Suhiro’s

Robyn says: They say sushi is an aphrodisiac and I believe it. As far as atmosphere goes, it is less than romantic, but the food is amazing. Sharing a sushi platter can be a sensual experience and fun too boot. Order the warm Samurai Sake and have a little toast. Bonsai!!

Skippy says: Raw fish? Did someone say innuendo? But seriously folks, Skippy doesn’t eat raw fish. Or does he? I have never been to Suhiro’s and I’m only going if your are 1) paying and 2) really cute.

5. Fort Fun

Skippy says: Finally an activity that doesn’t involve eating. Mini-golf is always a winner. It’s sounds silly but once you start playing it’s fun as hell. Plus you get to check out your dates butt when she or he bends over to pick up the ball. Score!

Robyn says: This is for those who want to have a little fun. If you have mad mini-golf skills and a nice booty, this is the place for you. Show off your mad putting skills and play a little lazer tag. Keep it non-competitive though. There is nothing worst than a date where boasting is involved.

6. Pinball Jones

Robyn says: My husband LOVES this place. AND I heard that they just expanded. Don’t be cheap here and you can have hours of pin ball fun. Just don’t spend your entire date here, there needs to be some interaction on your date.

Skippy says:  Now with a bar!  And the taps have real beer not Bud, Bud Lite and Coors.  You and some hottie can be each other’s Pinball Wizards.  The flying balls and flashing lights are just the thing to get the brain charged up.  And the brain is the most important sex organ.

7. Crown Pub

Skippy says:  A solid choice for food.  Everything I’ve ever eaten here has been above average to fantastical.  They have Guinness and fish & chips.  If your hottie don’t like Guinness and fish & chips you might wanna reconsider you choice in hotties.

Robyn says: I adore pubs. I spend a summer in London and fell in love with the atmosphere. This is the closest we get to a London pub here in Fo Co. I love going to the basement with my date for a little more privacy. The fish and chips aren’t bad either.

8. Your Place

Robyn says: Go all out! Make the atmosphere romantic with candles, cook a gormet meal or get take out (NOT fast food), bottle of wine and some sexy tunes. Don’t just invite your date over and turn on the television. Come on, you’ve got more game than that.

Skippy says: First of all this will give you a reason to clean up that pig-sty you are living in. Secondly you can show off your mad cooking skills. Most likely your date will think “cooking” means boiling water and dropping in some ramen noodles. Show her how much more there is to it. Get her to help with the cooking. Set something on fire. Most important don’t experiment if it’s the first time she’s coming over. I mean with the food. Make something you’ve made before. You can “experiment” after supper. Don’t forget the wine.


9. The Lyric

Skippy says: Arty-farty movies at an independent cinema with beer. How can you go wrong? I’m not a big fan of movies as a dating destination because you can’t talk but at the Lyric you can arrive early and stay late enjoying the beer and conversation with your date and with strangers. Plus the patio of Lyric is the perfect place to play Stoner or Straight since the marijuana dispensary is on the same block.

Robyn says: What could be better than booze and movies? If you are lucky, you can snag one of the couches in the front and snuggle in with your beer and a glass of wine. Afterwards, you could hit up Melting Pot next door for some chocolate fondue and talk about the movie you just saw. Sex guaranteed.

10. Hiking

Robyn says: Hike up to Horsetooth at twilight and watch the sun set. It just doesn’t get more romantic than that.

Skippy says: Taking a hike is a perfect way to have some together time, conversation and get exercise all at once. After all that food both of you need the exercise. Plus as Richard Pryor says “There’s something about nature . . . ”

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