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Your one stop for all the guidance and wisdom you’ll need to navigate your life. Fine, maybe not all of the wisdom but a good chunk of it. Of course you wouldn’t need our advice had you listened to your parents but you didn’t did you? Now look where it’s gotten you. Reading an advice blog. But it’s all good. We don’t player hate at Ask Us Fort Collins. We simply do what we can to make your life better.

Ask Us Fort Collins hinges on one concept. Solving other people’s problems is easy. It’s only your own problems that are difficult. Thus any problem you send us, any enquiry for advice, will be easy to handle. It’s not our problem.

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Send Us Your Questions:

We can’t answer your questions if you don’t send ‘em to us. Here are a few things you need to know.

1. Details, details and details. But you can change the names – in fact please do. Don’t forget to tell us the things you think might be obvious like your gender and age. Fudge your age by a few years if needed to remain anonymous. We understand.

2. Your question will be published in full as you send it to us. If there is any part of your message that you don’t want on the internet be sure you clearly tell us which part we must exclude.  We reserve the right to edit your typos.

3. We promise that we will never reveal your identity. If you want to submit your question with total anonymity please do so.

4. Creative pseudonyms are encouraged. How could they not be?

Our Contact Information:

[email protected]

[email protected]

Blog Schedule:

On Monday we will publish the question for the week.

On Wednesday Robyn will publish her response.

On Friday Skippy will publish his response.

The Genesis:

Ask Us Fort Collins was born over a beer like most good ideas are. Robyn and Skippy were discussing solutions to other people’s problems when it was decided that we should put together a blog and provide this service for the public. Originally we were going to go it on our own under the title of “He Said / She Said Fort Collins”. Robyn suggested pitching the idea to Kristin as part of the Scoop Blog Network.

Skippy expected the idea to be quickly rejected but was willing to pitch it anyhow. In a shocking turn of events Kristin was interested in the concept. There was a suspicion that Kristin may have been drunk when she said this sounded like a good idea but follow up conversations indicated that she was in fact not intoxicated.

Kristin did however think our title sucked. Thus we bring you Ask Us Fort Collins.

You’re welcome.

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    Can’t wait!