Unsolicited Advice: Parenting. You’re Doing It Wrong.


A true story; as retold by Robyn and Skippy.

One fine Sunday morning at a local restaurant and bar, Robyn and Skippy sat enjoying the brunch buffet and dollar mimosas when suddenly…..



Two young girls, under the age of 5, clearly related had just entered the bar in their Sunday best.  Their mother showed them to the section that held adult bar games such as: giant Jenga, giant Ker-plunk (where you take the sticks out and the balls drop) and assorted card games. Then, Mom promptly disappears. Cue the natural disaster that ensues. The girls are off and running (around the bar that is) and wreaking havoc on anything they can get their hands on. The giant Jenga game is all over the floor and made a great musical instrument (as we all found out) if you knock the pieces together. The balls are rolling around everywhere from Ker-plunk and the cards are scattered underfoot. There is arguing and crying and yelling and chaos and THE PARENTS ARE NO WHERE TO BE SEEN.

Except for one moment, one precious moment when Mom comes in to check on them for oh, about 20 seconds. Just long enough to take a picture with her IPhone and promptly head outside where her party was sitting. She didn’t even acknowledge the fact that the place was a disaster.

Mom gone, the chaos continues. This time the two girls decided to make their rounds at the buffet, sticking their hands in the food and touching all the cookies in a quest to find the ones that was just right. The just right ones were consumed. The rejects put back on the cookie tray. And why shouldn’t they? No one was there to tell them “no.”

At another point the youngest tromped about the room with butter knife in hand.  Good thing we were not at a steak house.

The best part was when Robyn went to the restroom she could hear the older girl singing to herself in a stall. After a while Mom comes in and finds her little girl in there. She starts mildly scolding (more like reasoning with) her daughter about running off and not telling her where she went. The kicker: Mom is drunk and holding, what I would guess to be, mimosa number 7 or 8 in her hand.

We watched the proceedings with open mouths and incredulous looks. Why was nothing done on the management’s part OR the parent’s – whose responsibility it is in the first place?

When the family finally left, Mom came back inside to collect her children, tried unsuccessfully to put a couple of the balls away, failed and walked out the door. Unbelievable.

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What advice would you give the parents and/or the restaurant owners? Comment below!






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  • Carrie Goldsworthy

    I am not above telling the entire party that they belong to that the children need supervision. I would think the staff might have some “policy” they could cite at times like this, to get the parents to remove the kids to their table. Some buffets have a clear sign that children must be with an adult to get food.

  • Lauren Hoff

    I have personally redirected misbehaving children in public if their behavior is effecting my enjoyment of something I am paying for (in this case its a meal). It takes a village, if the parents or staff are not taking control of the situation then I will politely ask the children to stop what they are doing, go sit down, etc. Maybe its my years of nannying experience, but surprisingly telling them how to behave works!

  • Samantha

    This is so disheartening because it’s not the kids’ fault. Not to mention it’s just bad business to allow this kind of behavior to go on…who is more likely to return…the customers who had to endure the bad behavior or the parent who was given a place to drink too much and not supervise her children? Who do you want coming to your business? I agree with Lauren Hoff…I think’s it perfectly acceptable to correct the behavior. Those poor kids should be cared for better, they deserve at least a little attention from a stranger. I think what makes me sad is that my sweet cousin was left to his own in situations like this for most of his childhood. He was a very, very sweet boy. He has deep resentment toward the way he was cared for and has made some seriously bad choices and is in prison for making fake money. But at one point, he was a 5 year old, left by himself while his mom was drinking too many mimosas. He is responsible for his choices as an adult, but he was just a little boy when these patterns were set.

  • http://growingupfortcollins.com/ Christi Seidman

    I’m a huge proponent of bringing kids to restaurants. Well, most restaurants anyway. I want my children to learn how to behave in a restaurant, and for the most part, they have. When things do go awry, we step out or even leave. The result is that my kids are usually well behaved and fairly neat in restaurants, because they’ve learned to be. In this situation, management definitely should have stepped in and had a conversation with the parents. Sadly, if the parent was drunk, there may not have been much they could have done either. :-(

  • http://growingupfortcollins.com/ Christi Seidman

    Question – were they there only with their mom? If so, what worries me most is who drove the kids home. Hopefully not the intoxicated mother! :-(

    • Skippy

      Skippy here. I’m not sure who was with who and doing the driving. The party of adults were outside, Robyn and I were inside. There were multiple adults (I use the term loosely) but as for having a sober driver. Who knows.

  • Sarena Olsen

    Management should have surely stepped in and told her to supervise her children or leave. It’s not only an annoyance for other guest, but it is a safety concern for wait staff, other patrons (could trip on a game piece, or a child!) and it is obviously a FOOD safety issue in this particular occurrence. That is NO GOOD! Last time I was at this same establishment on a Sunday, I had a similar issue. Children playing with all the games like this is Chuck E Cheeses and the parents off at another table somewhere. It is not by the way! I ended up having to move to the other side of the bar to enjoy my Sunday brunch.

  • bethbot

    Can’t believe the restaurant staff/management didn’t have something to say. Dirty kid hands in the buffet could get them in a lot of trouble…