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Sharing the scoop with your community, CEO and founder Kristin Mastre

After three years of blogging on Feasting Fort Collins, Kristin noticed that there were many people in the community who wanted to pursue professional blogging, but didn’t quite know how to make it happen. Wanting to help develop the blogging community in Northern Colorado and create an online media source for those living in and visiting Fort Collins, she founded The Scoop Blog Network in April 2012, creating a team of local bloggers with each one covering their own local niche topic – operating just like Feasting Fort Collins.

The Scoop Blog Network creates hubs of hyper-local bloggers who are eager and dedicated to sharing “the scoop” on what’s going on in their communities. The Scoop Bloggers focus on an individual niche topic, becoming area experts in their particular interest.

The Scoop Blog Network takes care of all of the nitty-gritty behind the scene details of blogging – graphic design, technical moderation, and advertising management, allowing the Scoop Bloggers the freedom to do what they love – writing great posts and sharing the scoop with their communities!

Restaurant reviews and dining news in Fort Collins, by Kristin Mastre

Reviews on Feasting Fort Collins cover a variety of food establishments – locally owned family restaurants, fast-casual chains, coffee houses, bars, distilleries, breweries, and more. If you can eat or drink it, she will review it.

From her experiences dining at some of the worlds best restaurants when she lived in Las Vegas, Portland and Denver, and the years that she’s cooked home-made meals from scratch (even down to making her own spices) due to her son’s food allergies, Kristin knows what a fresh and delicious meal is supposed to taste like. Being an honest writer, she’ll tell it like she tastes it.


Information and reviews on family activities, businesses, and resources in Fort Collins, by June Macon

Recognizing Fort Collins as a welcoming and endearing community to raise children, Growing Up Fort Collins provides a resource for local families in Northern Colorado. As a mom of two boys, June Macon has learned how to make the connection between activities, education, and fun for children. She explores Northern Colorado with her kids and shares her experiences, openly and honestly while building community with our readers and keeping the lines of communication open through social media outlets. Not only does she manage a household, she also runs a boutique marketing agency, Glacier Creative, located right here in Northern Colorado.


Inspired information about food, farmers and farming in Northern Colorado, by Erica Gagne Glaze

Erica grew up among roadside farm stands, orchards, dairy farms, backyard gardens and sugar shacks. In her twenties she worked on a vegetable farm and later moved into an organic co-op where they grew all of their food for the year on a ½-1 acre in the happy valley soil of Western Massachusetts. Recently she purchased her own 4.3 acre slice of farm heaven in Northern Colorado and has spent the last year and a half renovating a 1907 farm house and the property. Planting orchards and a vegetable garden, fixing barns, building chicken coops and fences has been one more step toward food independence. She loves to dig it, plant it, grow it, pick it, eat it, read about it, talk about it and share the bounty.

She has spent the last year and a half blogging about her experience building their farmstead. She loves to write and share information. It seemed a natural progression to share her exploration of the Northern Colorado farm community and food scene through Farming Fort Collins.


Northern Colorado Outdoor Adventure Information and Inspiration, by Kristin Mastre

If Kristin isn’t eating, writing, or hanging out with her family, she’s in the mountains. Over the last two years she has been tackling a different hike in Norther Colorado every week, exploring the beautiful scenery in the Rocky Mountains. While many miles have been tracked, there’s still an endless amount of outdoor adventures to be had. She’s fly-fished next to Bull Moose in lakes, come across black bears on Poudre Canyon trails, set up camp in hail storms, and dodged lighting claps in Rocky Mountain Nation Park.


Not only has she immersed herself in the wilderness of the Rockies, she’s been fortunate enough to be hired as a freelance travel writer for various publications, writing essays on river rafting in Oregon and more.


While researching Colorado trails, rivers, and lakes, she hopes to share that information to guide and inspire your next weekend escape on Fresh Air Fort Collins.


Live Music, Art and Culture in Fort Collins, by Malini Bartels and Allison LeCain

At a little over 5 feet, Malini Bartels stands taller than some children and is louder than most house pets. This highly energetic mother of 2 has been living in Fort Collins for 11+ years and thoroughly enjoys the community feel and exciting arts scene.

Born and raised in the Great Plains of Oklahoma, Malini got her start in local radio and television in the mid 80′s. While Majoring in Mechanical Engineering at university (like a good Indian girl) Malini continued her development in dance, piano, flute, acting, creative writing, and as a disc jockey. She occasionally hosts [email protected] on KRFC, performs with local theatre companies, and teaches cooking classes around town. Malini also has a passion for non-profits and oddly believes that volunteering is one of the most awesome forms of entertainment this cool college town has to offer! Follow Malini’s exciting adventures and new discoveries on Entertaining Fort Collins.

Allison LeCain is a true native. Born and raised in Fort Collins, she is a lover of local bands, local art and local eats. She always knows the scoop on where to find the best entertainment in town, and now she will be bringing that knowledge to you. After graduating in 2013 from Colorado State University with a journalism degree, Allison began to write for Scene Magazine, BandWagon Magazine, and Fort Collins Magazine. Now you don’t have to wait for a print issue to see what she deems as great entertainment.


An Exploration of Local Fort Collins History, by Meg Dun

Meg’s interest in history started in college when she lived in a ridiculously cool old Victorian house. As a lover of narratives and patterns, she connected the dots and realized that the historic buildings around Ann Arbor told stories about the beginnings of that city, reflected changing values and beliefs over time, and continued to inform and affect the present day culture and ethos of the community. Buildings have been, and continue to be, an important lens through which Meg views the history and culture of the cities in which she’s lived. As she writes about Fort Collins on Forgotten Fort Collins, whether about an ad in an old newspaper or a Fort Collins family that’s lived here for several generations, expect to see patterns among the stories that seek to define and describe the character and culture of Fort Collins as it was, as it is, and perhaps to even shed light on what it will eventually grow to be.





Removing the propaganda, politics, and stereotypes while providing educational information and opinions about cannabis in Fort Collins, by Kristin Mastre

When Budding Fort Collins struggled to establish roots with a consistent blogger, Scoop Blog Network founder, Kristin decided to take the reins. With 26 years of life experience with cannabis – both the good and the bad – she’s not only a professional, but someone with credible, balanced knowledge to bring Budding Fort Collins back to life. You can count on reading editorials, product reviews, and dispensary updates, as well as finding a platform for community discussion about cannabis culture in Fort Collins. It’s a place to share thoughts and ideas, a place to voice your two cents.


He said/She said advice perspectives in Fort Collins, by Skippy Smith and Robyn Joi

Robyn Joi has lived in Fort Collins for most of her life, and is in love with the culture and lifestyle of this community. Being ever-observant and experiencing an often bumpy road in life is what drives her desire to offer advice to those who need a little push in the right direction.

Skippy was conceived in Georgia, raised in Texas and is currently residing in Colorado by choice. When not dispensing advice to other people Skippy keeps himself occupied with things like photography, philosophy, science-fiction, sunshine, trail running, procrastinating his yoga prac- tice, theatre, podcasting, drinking Guinness or 1554 and biking.

Together they help guide readers with burning questions about life, work, love, or any of the other myriad issues that plague the denizens of Fort Collins on Ask Us Fort Collins!