Final Post on Ask Us Fort Collins . . .

. . . Unless the Scoop Blog Network ever decides to revive this blog.

But honestly, where would Kristin ever find two people as sexy, intelligent, charming and humble and Robyn and Skippy to take over?

Exactly.  It was damn fun and we are grateful to Kristin for allowing us to participate in the Scoop Blog Network.  It was a challenge and a learning experience – in all the good and bad ways.  Rather like life.

Yet . . .

Don’t despair.  Robyn and Skippy will still be gracing the interwebz with their opinions.

We are also still available to give you free advice should you need it.  We all know you need it.  It’s more a matter of should you decide to man up and ask for advice.


You can find us over at He Said / She Said Fort Collins where we will do our best to entertain you, thrill you, and piss you off.

Seriously.  A bit more hate mail if you please.

Finally if you have been an Ask Us fan or if you’ve discovered this site and like what you read you may also want to check out the newest site in the Scoop Blog Network.

Naked Fort Collins

It launched the same month as He Said / She Said and is going to feature even more sex than Ask Us ever did.  That got your fucking attention didn’t it?

Because people who don’t get none can’t stop talking about it.

Which explains why Skippy makes sex jokes all the time.

See y’all over at He Said / She Said.  Happy trails y’all!

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