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He Says: Confessions of A Former Beta Male

Formerly A Beta Male in Fort Collins

Yes it’s true.  I use to be a beta male.

I’m on the road to recovery and everything is getting better.  This is good news for me and the female population.

Back in the day when I was “dating” two girls at the same time I actually lied to them.  Or at least failed to inform them of each others existence.  This caused some problems when it came to having one out of the house before the other showed up.

But I’m good at “multi-tasking”.

I also deliver a mean Slow Train In Old Town.  That always helps.

I have even in the past picked up dog shit for a woman.  Now that’s beta.

No more such silliness for me.  I’ll let you know right now that in the future if you wanna be the only one you have to earn that privilege.

She Says: Confessions of a Runaway Bride


I was 26 and engaged to be married…

I was young and naive and at that age where everyone was getting engaged and having babies. I thought it was my turn and that the guy I was with was the one. Boy was I wrong.

I had been engaged exactly one year and I was having doubts. My then fiance and I decided to celebrate our one year engagement anniversary by going back to the spot where we got engaged, next to a waterfall in Estes Park. We settled in for the long drive up the mountain and I chose this moment to tell him that I was going back to school to get my bachelors degree. He was not pleased. He did not support my choice of degree and yelled at me for 45 minutes without letting me get a word in edgewise. We got to Estes and I asked him to turn the car around. It was that moment that I decided not to marry this man. But it took me a long time to break things off.

Fast forward three weeks later. I went to a party with a friend of mine and the host was a tall, blonde, charismatic guy who caught my eye, and my heart. Engagement ring on my finger, and his girlfriend of 6 years ten feet away and we were flirting shamelessly. I wanted him to kiss me right then and there.

A couple of weeks later we decided to watch a movie together and have a few drinks. I was still engaged, he was still with his girlfriend. We couldn’t keep our lips off each other, the heat between us was raging like the surface of the sun. Just when things got interesting, his girlfriend knocked on the door! We pulled ourselves together and I left… sort of. I drove down the block and waited for her to leave, then promptly return to the arms of  the man I was destined to someday marry.

We have been together almost 6 years and got married earlier this year. When I think back to how things started between us, it is almost unbelievable. My ex fiance got married last week and I wish him well. Sometimes, you have to re-evaluate your life in order to find true happiness. I am happy and I hope he is too.


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Confession Week!


Hello and greetings to our Ask Us fans!!

Skippy and Robyn have decided to bring back Confession Bear this week! That’s right folks, juicy confessions that will make your mouth water and your eyes bug out of your head! We missed our naughty little bear friend.

Yes, it is that time of year where your conscience gets cleared out like a closet full of shit you don’t need. A clear conscience is a great way to start the New Year off right!

On Wednesday you will get a “She Said” confession, and on Friday a “He Said” confession.

So grab some of that spiked egg nog your cousin makes or a hot chocolate with schnapps and prepare for some confessions that will make your mama blush!

Tune in! You wont want to miss it.

Reader Confessions: I Lied To A Priest

Ask Us Fort Collins Reader Confession

Dear Robyn and Skippy, here’s my story;

When I was about 7, I walked down the street to the church in North Conway, New Hampshire on a Saturday afternoon to do the weekly confession. That was so I could get that flavorless, white wafer the next day.

There I am, in the confessional, with the priest on the other side and the semi-opaque screen between us. He asks me to tell him my sins since my last confession, which was one week earlier. Usually, I had something to confess. Eg, I took a cookie before dinner when my mother had told me not to, etc.

Well, for a change, I had no sins to confess. I was certain about that. So I told the Father that I had no sins to confess. He said that I could relax, that I can feel free to confess my sins without getting in trouble. I said again that I had no sins for the last week. He then gave me extra encouragement and repeated that it’s best to confess, that there would be only forgiveness, not trouble. At that point I thought that this isn’t going to end until I give him at least one good, juicy sin. So, I told him I had lied to my mother.

But, I really had not lied to my mother. So, I lied to a priest. In the confessional. Maybe it’s a good thing I haven’t met the pope.