Blast From The Past: Parenting. You’re Doing It Wrong.

This was one of our most popular posts ever. And by popular I mean pissing people off. Everyone has an opinion about raising children.  No one gets their panties more in a wad than breeders who are told they have no parenting skills.

Here’s a bit of good news for ya though.  Robyn and Skippy will be cranking it up over at our new home on Monday, June 1st.  To start things off we will be posting every Monday.  Skippy will be writing the first post and Robyn will be posting the next Monday.  Come experience the deliciousness and get your panties in a wad at He Said / She Said.

Until then, there is today’s blast from the past about parenting and how some people are definitely doing it wrong.


A true story; as retold by Robyn and Skippy.

One fine Sunday morning at a local restaurant and bar, Robyn and Skippy sat enjoying the brunch buffet and dollar mimosas when suddenly…..



Two young girls, under the age of 5, clearly related had just entered the bar in their Sunday best. Their mother showed them to the section that held adult bar games such as: giant Jenga, giant Ker-plunk (where you take the sticks out and the balls drop) and assorted card games. Then, Mom promptly disappears. Cue the natural disaster that ensues. The girls are off and running (around the bar that is) and wreaking havoc on anything they can get their hands on. The giant Jenga game is all over the floor and made a great musical instrument (as we all found out) if you knock the pieces together. The balls are rolling around everywhere from Ker-plunk and the cards are scattered underfoot. There is arguing and crying and yelling and chaos and THE PARENTS ARE NO WHERE TO BE SEEN.

Except for one moment, one precious moment when Mom comes in to check on them for oh, about 20 seconds. Just long enough to take a picture with her IPhone and promptly head outside where her party was sitting. She didn’t even acknowledge the fact that the place was a disaster.

Mom gone, the chaos continues. This time the two girls decided to make their rounds at the buffet, sticking their hands in the food and touching all the cookies in a quest to find the ones that was just right. The just right ones were consumed. The rejects put back on the cookie tray. And why shouldn’t they? No one was there to tell them “no.”

At another point the youngest tromped about the room with butter knife in hand. Good thing we were not at a steak house.

The best part was when Robyn went to the restroom she could hear the older girl singing to herself in a stall. After a while Mom comes in and finds her little girl in there. She starts mildly scolding (more like reasoning with) her daughter about running off and not telling her where she went. The kicker: Mom is drunk and holding, what I would guess to be, mimosa number 7 or 8 in her hand.

We watched the proceedings with open mouths and incredulous looks. Why was nothing done on the management’s part OR the parent’s – whose responsibility it is in the first place?

When the family finally left, Mom came back inside to collect her children, tried unsuccessfully to put a couple of the balls away, failed and walked out the door. Unbelievable.

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