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Blog Advertising vs Print Advertising

Blog advertising is a unique opportunity in Fort Collins – a media that has never been developed in our city before. While it’s not a novel concept and has been a marketing strategy for forward-thinking businesses around the country for over ten years, The Scoop Blog Network is a ground-breaking grass-roots media company that brings blog advertising opportunities to Fort Collins for the very first time.

With proven metrics, a four-year track record, and loyal advertisers through Feasting Fort Collins – the founding blog in the network – The Scoop Blog Network is able to replicate the same strategy on every blog associated within the company. Each blogger is able to create compelling content that readers are willing to share and discuss. Functioning as an ideal network, we coordinate together as a team to help every readership grow through collaborations and content sharing, thus expanding the virtual reach of each blog.

The Scoop Blog Network is able to track the ROI (return on investment) and effectiveness of an advertising campaign through daily analytic tracking. Monthly reports on click-thru rates and social media shares are provided to advertising sponsors. These detailed metrics and reports are unavailable in traditional print campaigns.


Click here to download our press kit for more information! Scoop Blog Network Press Kit – Spring 2014