About The Bloggers


Skippy Smith 

Skippy was conceived in Georgia, raised in Texas and currently residing in Colorado by choice.  He considers Fort Collins the second best place in the world other than Texas.  Yes, he’s one of “those”.  A Texan. Nothing more needs to be said.

When not dispensing advice to other people Skippy keeps himself occupied with things like photography, philosophy, science-fiction, sunshine, trail running, procrastinating his yoga practice, theatre, podcasting, drinking Guinness or 1554 and biking.

Skippy does not like car alarms or leaf blowers or writing biographies about himself.  Skippy loves cats, coffee and mornings.


Robyn Joi

Robyn Joi has lived in Fort Collins for most of her life, and is in love with the culture and lifestyle of this community. She feels like she has grown strong roots in this town, and has no desire to uproot those… roots.  She graduated from CSU with her bachelor’s in Theatre (after changing her major only three times) and continues to use her degree through educating youngsters.  She has studied abroad in England, lived in several places around the US, and is inspired by the rich culture and life lessons the world has to offer.  For as long as she can remember, she has had a passion for writing, and fancied herself as becoming a writer someday.  She is thrilled to stretch her fingers and fulfill her writing appetite by becoming a blogger. Being ever-observant and experiencing an often bumpy road in life is what drives her desire to offer advice to those who need a little push in the right direction.